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MRO Consulting

Firefly Aviation specializes in consultancy and project management for aircraft maintenance equipment and -facility planning.

As a full service consulting company we provide a wide range of high quality, time sensitive advisory and technical services to airlines, maintenance providers and aircraft manufacturers. We will supervise your project from its initial concept stage to final 'in-service' implementation incl. planning, project management,  procurement process and commissioning.

Firefly Aviation will assist you from the first stage, in new hangar projects from:

  1. Project analyzing
  2. Project definition
  3. Project planning
  4. Project presentation  
  5. Procurement/delivery process
  6. Installing/commissioning
  7. Project completion/validation  

Firefly Aviation will also assist you in maintenance workshop and tool store
planning and optimizing.

All our consultants have high skilled aviation industry experience in areas
such as maintenance, engineering, airline management and operation.

We will assist you in making your airplane maintenance more safe and efficient!

Office Slovakia: Firefly Aviation Services k.s. • Ivanska Cesta 83 • 82 104 Bratislava • Email:
Office USA:
Firefly Aviation Services k.s. • 201 South Biscayne Blvd • 28th Floor • Miami FL 33131 • Email: